All about babies.

Wow, it is easy to make beautiful graphics when you have a beautiful niece!

–> Here’s where we started, with her shower invitation, before she came into the world.

— > Kaylee’s birth announcement I made for my Sister and Bro-in-law. What a cutie!

Our mission was to be feminine and playful, without being totally over the top “IT’S A GIRL” !

We experimented with the contrast of the black and white photo and brown tones vs. a sepia photo and brown tones.

The preference I suppose is in the eye of the beholder.

A few other options that were considered below:

I can’t wait to meet some more cuties (babies) and design a birth announcement for them!



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Sam & Alexis Wedding

I loved working with these two, my already Brother-in-law and now Sister-in-law. It was a great collaboration and a lot of fun.

Mood board:

–> save the date – where it all began!

–>The invitation paper; invite, rsvp card, map & additional info.

–> map + additional info. close up

–>rsvp card close up – post card size with mailing address printed on the other side.

–>rehearsal dinner invite. we wanted to do something different for this one- more Texas/rustic.

More to come from the ceremony & reception.


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September: G R A Y

I’ve never met a gray I didn’t like.

This collection of gray items and inspirations will hopefully start a monthly color inspiration theme; although I am already feeling like gray might have to spill over into another month…we’ll see.

Here’s what pantone has to say about gray:

Oh look! There’s my dream couch sitting out all alone in the middle of this field! I must rescue it!

Cool websites with the word ‘gray’ in it:



More to come. Enjoy!


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Baby Sippel Update!!!

Hi everyone- thank you all so much for visiting the blog for the online baby shower this weekend. By popular request we are extending the online shower through this week. And in even BIGGER NEWS…

Kelsey’s water broke very unexpectedly this morning (yes, a few weeks early) and had baby Kaylee by c-section this afternoon!!!

Mom and baby are doing well and we will keep you up to date as to how they are doing in the coming days. I will be flying out to Maryland tomorrow and our Mom (Nancy) is there now. Check back in for some pictures of baby Kaylee very soon. 🙂 What a great way to end the weekend!

Aside from this great news- I am hoping we can all pull together and help Kelsey with the rest of the baby items for Kaylee- since she was so early, Kelsey still needs help getting Kaylee’s room together and all of the essentials. I assured her not to worry and we would help pull everything together for her. All thoughts, prayers, and baby items will be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to send your baby shower responses to

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Online baby shower.

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you are all as excited as I am for the arrival of Baby Sippel in the coming months!!!

Let me introduce myself to those of you who may not know who I am. I am Kristin Giesselmann (formerly Curtiss- Kelsey and I’s maiden name). I am Kelsey’s younger and only sister. I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, Luke, and our dog, Chai.  I work as an Intern Architect at an educational specialists design firm in Plano.

1. Kelsey and I in Pennsylvania last Fall.

2. Me, Kelsey and our Mom (Nancy Curtiss). Also, please note Kelsey’s “karate jump”. Classic.

Now on to the fun. Here’s the scoop.

Since this is a large group from all over the country, this seemed like the best way to include everyone

that Kelsey and our family have grown to love  in friendship and family with over the years.

So this weekend—let’s celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Sippel!!!

First things first- we need to set the mood:

Here are a few questions/ideas/fun for us to join in on.

Please send your responses to during this weekend. I am not going to lie, there is a VERY strong possibility there will be prizes for our winners…(wink wink).

1. According to the picture below – how big (in inches) around do you think Kelsey’s baby belly is as of today? From her back to the biggest part of her belly – send me your highly intuitive guess!

2. Many of you know by now that Kelsey is having a girl and her and Jason have decided on the first name of Kaylee, which I adore. But, they have been going back and forth with middle names. Send us one or a couple ideas for a middle name for baby Kaylee. If Kelsey chooses one of your names, you better believe you’ll receive a treat in the mail for helping her finalized the name!

3. Guess Kelsey’s strangest cravings during her pregnancy. I happen to know one of them and it is pretty funny and I would have never guessed it- especially for dinner!

4. Some of you know that Kelsey is due August 27th…but as many of you know, this may or may not be the date Baby Sippel will be welcomed into the world. Please guess Kelsey’s actual date of delivery. I might be daring and just choose the 27th…anyone going to join me? 🙂

5. So here’s a hard one… guess the weight and length of Baby Sippel on her birthday. Not to sway you, but if you ask my Mother (Nancy), both Kelsey and I were HUGE chubby babies. We were both over 9lbs and I believe Kelsey set a hospital record of 23 inches at birth. Wow!

6. Calling all cooks to the kitchen…we need you to send one of your favorite quick and healthy recipes for Kelsey. I think this will be a tremendous help and great addition to her new kitchen, to be able to flip through a book of great quick recipes from her friends and family when she is busy living the life of a new mom.

7. If any of you would like to help Baby Sippel get settled into the world, The Sippel’s have registered at the following locations:


Last but not least — if any of you have some words of encouragement for Kelsey, please send those to me as well. I am going to compile them and give them to her as a remembrance from this online shower when I see her in a few weeks. This can be any thing from a favorite quote, to advice on being a new mom, or anything encouraging for Kelsey to read in and enjoy in her last weeks of pregnancy. I just know Kelsey is going to be an excellent mother and I can’t wait to enjoy this journey with her. Being an Aunt is the best!

We genuinely appreciate you all joining us for this online baby shower.

Please remember to send all of your responses by the end of this weekend so I can compile a book for Kelsey from this event. Also, check back in with us on this blog for some of the shower responses on the questions. I can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with- I think it should give everyone a good laugh! Thank you again everyone. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Aunt Kristin —>please send all your baby shower responses here.

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Good quote #1

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play house design.

This was a recent submission I worked on to raise money for CASA of Dallas, sponsored by YAF (Young Architects Forum of Dallas). The concept was based on an interior design out of swimming foam noodles. Our submission requirement was a 24″x36″ vertically oriented board. What a fun side project to work on!

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