Baby Sippel Update!!!

Hi everyone- thank you all so much for visiting the blog for the online baby shower this weekend. By popular request we are extending the online shower through this week. And in even BIGGER NEWS…

Kelsey’s water broke very unexpectedly this morning (yes, a few weeks early) and had baby Kaylee by c-section this afternoon!!!

Mom and baby are doing well and we will keep you up to date as to how they are doing in the coming days. I will be flying out to Maryland tomorrow and our Mom (Nancy) is there now. Check back in for some pictures of baby Kaylee very soon. 🙂 What a great way to end the weekend!

Aside from this great news- I am hoping we can all pull together and help Kelsey with the rest of the baby items for Kaylee- since she was so early, Kelsey still needs help getting Kaylee’s room together and all of the essentials. I assured her not to worry and we would help pull everything together for her. All thoughts, prayers, and baby items will be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to send your baby shower responses to


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