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Spring is in the air.

Cold iced tea, a good magazine, and a happy basil plant. Life is good.

Spring always makes me think of replacing the poor succulents I somehow lose every winter. I did just learn that once you get a plant in one spot, you should never move it because it 100 % adapts to that environment and moving it will likely make it kick the bucket.

Fresh vine tomatoes and garlic can go into a really light pasta dish with lemon and olive oil.

And of course it is time to pull out the bright colors and floral prints that have been collecting dust over the winter. Both of these scarves pictured were passed on to me from my grandmother. She had a very keen sense for color and it was most prominent in her wardrobe.

SPRING INTERIORS/MY FAV. [ I’ll give collected credit for all images I have posted to ]


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a nod to valentine’s day.

I’ll be honest, until a few years ago, I hated the day.

I had many bad Valentine’s days, so I have had my fair share and now deserve to have fun with it and enjoy it.

In retrospect, I should I have just looked at those days as a good excuse to eat yummy sweets with my friends.

So now I have my own sweetie and it is always special, regardless of the budget.

Last year I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with amazing chocolate icing from scratch, and it was so good in fact that I had too many slicks in the process and made myself sick! Word to the wise, limit your chocolate icing slicks!

It is worth the wait!

Here are some fun ideas I have run across.

Here’s and idea from Twig & Thistle with a tutorial on printing from your own printer. Nice!

Here’s an idea from Jessica Jones. It’s sassy and I like it!

I love pigs and hippos….I don’t know how this can help you with ideas but

I had to throw this in here! Amazing!

felt fortune cookies

And you know I just have to add some vintage Valentine’s Day cards…

Anyways, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy some sweets!


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Wheeler, TX.

Duke and Bo playing in the snow- our good friends’ pups.

I will admit, Duke is my favorite.

Mini snowman.

Rylee Grace. Brittany and Rob’s beautiful daughter.

Rob taming his horse and Rylee.

My husband still puts a twinkle in my eye!

Chai enjoying her second encounter with snow.

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my puppy, Chai.

Chai is now about a year. Happy birth month to Chai girl. What a blessing she is!

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