Spring is in the air.

Cold iced tea, a good magazine, and a happy basil plant. Life is good.

Spring always makes me think of replacing the poor succulents I somehow lose every winter. I did just learn that once you get a plant in one spot, you should never move it because it 100 % adapts to that environment and moving it will likely make it kick the bucket.

Fresh vine tomatoes and garlic can go into a really light pasta dish with lemon and olive oil.

And of course it is time to pull out the bright colors and floral prints that have been collecting dust over the winter. Both of these scarves pictured were passed on to me from my grandmother. She had a very keen sense for color and it was most prominent in her wardrobe.

SPRING INTERIORS/MY FAV. [ I’ll give collected credit for all images I have posted to designsponge.com ]


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blueberry muffins.

I’ve patched this one together from several recipes. As I have told some of you, I discovered a recipe one day when I was out of eggs but really wanted to make blueberry muffins for my husband and  (and was too lazy to run to the store to get more!). I added a few of my favorites to it and I think it might be the best blueberry muffins I have ever eaten. And they are fast to make! What a deal!

Fabulous blueberry muffins (egg-less)

temp: 350  time: 25 minutes QTY: 10-12

[ ingredients]

> 2 cups all purpose flour ( I prefer unbleached )

> 1/2 cup regular sugar

> 1/2 cup light brown sugar ( lightly packed)

> 4 tsp. baking powder

> 1 cup milk ( I have used both 1% and skim and liked them both)

> 3 tbsp. melted butter ( unsalted )

> 1 cup blueberries ( plump/fresh )

> 1 tsp. vanilla

> 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

[ directions]

Throw everything (except for the blueberries) in a bowl and stir slowly with a wooden spoon. Add the blueberries last and slowly fold in until evenly distributed throughout. I like to scoop my muffin batter with an ice cream scoop so they are all even. Bake @ 350 for 25 minutes.

[ optional crumble topping courtesy of Ina Garten]

1 stick soften butter, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1/4 tsp. cinnamon. Combine until clumpy. This will be sufficient crumbles for two batches of the blueberry muffins. It also stores for several weeks in the refrigerator. Add crumbles to cover the top of each muffin and bake as mentioned above.

And then of course we have to talk about paper muffin cups, because they are awesome. I just ran out of mine. I really like when Crate & Barrel has their holiday clearance because they usually always have polka dots (red at that). So I will be on the search this weekend for more. Now only if there were some with hippos printed on them…. :).

Some options from Crate&Barrel.

And let’s end with some ridiculousness… individual carrying cases for your muffins/cupcakes. Excessive, YES. Awesome, YES.


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Old School- volume I.

One of my best friend’s just had a birthday and it is somewhat tradition that I create a new mix of music for her with a theme.

This year it is Old School. This will no doubt have many more to follow. I think it is a good start. I also try to design a cover and back to match the theme. Hopefully I did it justice.

Here is the CD cover.

The back/playlist.


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a nod to valentine’s day.

I’ll be honest, until a few years ago, I hated the day.

I had many bad Valentine’s days, so I have had my fair share and now deserve to have fun with it and enjoy it.

In retrospect, I should I have just looked at those days as a good excuse to eat yummy sweets with my friends.

So now I have my own sweetie and it is always special, regardless of the budget.

Last year I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with amazing chocolate icing from scratch, and it was so good in fact that I had too many slicks in the process and made myself sick! Word to the wise, limit your chocolate icing slicks!

It is worth the wait!

Here are some fun ideas I have run across.

Here’s and idea from Twig & Thistle with a tutorial on printing from your own printer. Nice!


Here’s an idea from Jessica Jones. It’s sassy and I like it!



I love pigs and hippos….I don’t know how this can help you with ideas but

I had to throw this in here! Amazing!


felt fortune cookies

And you know I just have to add some vintage Valentine’s Day cards…





Anyways, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy some sweets!


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a sweet breakfast.

Weekends sure seem like a good time

to try a breakfast that you don’t have time for during the week.

This is an “easy sticky buns” recipe from Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa).

Here is the recipe.


1) When they first come out of the oven before they are dumped out and flipped over.

2) Dumped out on to a foil lined sheet pan for minimal clean up on my end.

3) Sticky buns plated!

They only last a few days, if that, so make sure you have people around with a sweet tooth and a good appetite.

I think the next time I make them I am going to add a substitute for the raisins and make cinnamon butter or pumpkin spice butter to in lieu of the recipe’s suggestion for the base of the sticky buns. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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beach buzz.

If you are around me for any length of time you’ll know that I love the beach- everything about it. Here are a few things to get you in the mood for the beach, even though it is the dead of winter!

The following were taken from a beach house/vacation last summer. Looking forward to my next beach visit!

Some of my favorite beachy blogs and other online beach snip-its:





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design diagrams.

I am starting an on-going collection of particularly effective diagrams communicating design concepts for those of you who might enjoy/seek use out of these types of images. If not, they are still cool to look at.

The following two are some that I have pulled off of a compact housing competition.

A few of my own from previous projects:

More to come…


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